Emily is a lifelong Oregonian. Formerly a city girl earning a mechanical engineering degree, she happily found her way back home to Southern Oregon to pursue her true passion for art by honing her craft as a tattoo artist. Opening Pine Needle Tattoo Studio was the best possible way to share her talent as well as to provide a safe and professional environment for her clients. 

Linework focused designs are Emily’s specialty. She loves tattooing characters/cartoons, insects, and florals. She enjoys combining bold traditional style lines with fine line details to create a sense of depth in her work.

When she’s not designing stencils, flash, or tattooing, Emily is most likely at home enjoying a good cup of coffee and some gluten free toast. She also enjoys painting, gardening, mushroom hunting, making bouquets from wildflowers, deep sea fishing, or just watching anime and reading manga.

Emily looks forward to seeing you at Pine Needle Tattoo Studio!