How do I request an appointment?

To request an appointment, please complete and submit the tattoo inquiry form. If your inquiry is approved, you will receive an email to finalize the details of your appointment. You will then receive instructions on how to pay your deposit(s) and secure your appointment. 

If the inquiry form link is unavailable, books are currently closed. Please follow the studio on Instagram (@pineneedletattoostudio) to stay up to date on appointment availability. 

Do you take walk-ins? Piercings?

No, appointments only. No piercing services or jewelry at this time.

Do you take same day appointments?

Same day appointments are rare and currently only available for flash designs.

What is your shop minimum? Do you have an hourly rate?

The current shop minimum is $100.

We do not have an hourly rate, tattoo inquiries are quoted based on size, placement, color or black + grey, style, as well as level of detail, and subject matter. Smaller pieces are done at a set price. 

Do you tattoo minors?

No, never. Oregon law dictates that no one under 18 shall be tattooed or even be present in a tattoo studio, regardless of parental consent.

What is flash?

Flash designs are pre-drawn, repeatable designs. They have a minimum size. Flash designs always get first priority for booking. Flash designs may not be altered unless artist deems it necessary.

What is a quote? 

Designs that can be completed in one full day session or less will be done at a set price. Quotes will be given to larger scale designs that will take multiple sessions to complete (full back, half/full sleeve, etc.). A quote is an estimated price, not a set price. It’s more like a minimum. The final price of your tattoo will increase if more sessions are required than estimated in the original quote. The artist will let you know in advance of further sessions if this is necessary.

How much is the deposit? What’s it for?

Deposits start at $50 and will increase depending on the set price or quote given for your tattoo. This amount goes towards the cost of your tattoo and is required to secure your appointment. Larger deposits will be required for larger projects. A deposit is required for each appointment, even if you are booking multiple days in a row. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable with no exceptions. 

What is your style/specialty? 

Linework focused designs are Emily’s specialty. She loves tattooing characters/cartoons, insects, and florals. She enjoys combining bold traditional style lines with fine line details to create a sense of depth in her work.  

Why can’t I see my design before my appointment? 

Due to the amount of drawing and preparation required of the artist, she cannot make and edit multiple drafts of your design for you. The inquiry form is made of very specific design questions to ensure the best possible translation of your idea.

In the event that there is something small that you would like changed about your design, minor changes may be made within the allotted appointment time at the studio. The artist strives to create the best possible tattoo for each client, and she is happy to make small changes and further explain the design choices made for your tattoo.

Larger changes will require rescheduling with additional deposit(s) at the artists’ discretion and your current deposit will be forfeited with no exceptions. 

Do you tattoo darker skin tones? 

Absolutely! Although the artist currently has minimal experience tattooing darker skin tones, we never turn down clients based on their skin tone. We believe the artist must do their best to adapt to the client’s skin. We offer free color tests (to see how certain colors will heal in your skin) for those with darker skin tones/those typically not represented in the tattoo industry.

To book a color test session, complete the inquiry form, with the color test being your design (typically a few lines or dots of color). Please also describe the piece that you would like in the future so that we can pick the correct range of colors to match it for your color test. 

What if I need to cancel or re-schedule?

In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel, an email or text message to the artist is required at least 48 hours in advance. It may be several weeks before another appointment is available and your deposit will be forfeited with no exceptions.

No-shows (not showing up to your appointment without notifying the artist) will have their deposit forfeited with no exceptions and in certain cases may no longer be permitted to book appointments with the studio. Please let your artist know if you can’t make your appointment!

Why didn’t my inquiry get approved?

Tattoo inquiries are not approved on a first come first served basis. We approve flash designs, then the artist’s desired projects, then any remaining inquiries are either approved or denied.

Not accepting any inquiries with placement on the face, throat, head, hands, or genitals. 

The artist denies all tattoo inquiries that may be deemed inappropriate/hateful/offensive, including any pornographic images and hentai.

Why didn’t you post my tattoo on Instagram?

There are a lot of reasons why the artist may choose not to post your tattoo on social media. No worries, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like your tattoo! Sometimes photos just don’t turn out well enough to showcase the artists’ work. Your tattoo may also have been in a different style than the style that Emily is currently pursuing. Thank you for your understanding!